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Open Invitation for a seat on a Human-Powered Rocket Ship — Game B Network Marketing Series [1]

When I heard Elon Musk’s final warning of the risk of a Super Digital Intelligence[2] growing exponentially out of human control, it was hard for me not to go into an anxiety loop.[3]

Since only a few of people have the financial power to build their own rocket ship and Elon is the only one (openly) talking about Mars as the best option for a few people to escape the consequences of AI taking over the Earth.

Is Elon playing Game B, or just trying to outrun the machines? If Game B is a hedge against the risks of Game…

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Game B [1] Network Marketing Series

“A lot of people that I have come to admire are infinite game players stuck in a finite game… Playing outside of the rules of the game, and making up our own rules, but somehow still abiding by the boundaries of the finite game that our society has created for us.”Hank Willis Thomas [2]

My wife, Cara, shared a clever idea with me recently. She created a “Now” page on her website.[3]On her Now page, she wrote “My husband, Brian, and I are experimenting with living an ‘untethered’ life.” …

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Game B [1] Network Marketing Series

Fairy Pools

I pull the twig
Gently at first
Surprised by its resistance
Whispering “let me be”

Must be frozen
Trapped in the winter’s grip
Not yet warmed
By the April thaw
Something less solid
Holding back the dam

A stronger tug
Ripples reflect
The delicate
Hold about to release

Letting go
The flow carries
The twig to
A new web in
The pool below.

Was it the walk with a childhood friend,
The late-February sunlight, or
The early-March air
Reminding me of
That 9 year old New Hampshire boy
Pulling the twig like
The sword from the stone.


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Changing the Game

I didn’t set out to start a Game B [1] experiment in network marketing, but I wasn’t really all that surprised when I landed here a couple of weeks ago. After several years of working around Bonnitta Roy, my mind still echoes with her consciousness-piercing phrases like “release complexity”, “lower thresholds of action” and “energy for free.”[2]

Working with an early stage network marketing company for the last 18 months and tinkering with how I might put Bonnitta’s OPO [3] and sensemaking ideas into action, it recently dawned on me that I might have stumbled upon a feasible Game B…

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I am thinking that Elon Musk would love the idea of Open Participatory Organizations (OPOs), although not for the reasons you might think. I think Musk would love the reasoning behind Open Participatory Organizations.

I have never been much of a car guy, but I do love Teslas and I have been fascinated by a PayPal billionaire who risked everything to build SpaceX and Tesla — at the same time. After reading Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man, Tim Urban’s famous four-part blog on Wait by Why, I now really love Teslas. I am pretty sure Elon Musk (and Tim…

The image is released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.

Pablo Picasso is credited for saying “Bad Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal.” So I confess that I stole a great idea from Eric Weinstein for my Master thesis last year. Although my initial aspiration might have been to be a great artist, my actual theft of Weinstein’s clever idea came closer to a bad copy. It does, however, give me a good starting position for another piece on Open Participatory Organizations (“OPO”).

My thesis entitled Breaking Kayfabe was inspired by Weinstein’s answer to the 2011 Annual Question on, which he entitled Kayfabe and wrote:

The sophisticated “scientific concept” with…

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Just over 2 years ago, a series of articles on self-organization and open participation were published on Medium by Bonnitta Roy. Although they were posted without a lot of fanfare, they did not go unnoticed. Roy had already established a significant international following in Integral Theory circles and these Medium articles conveyed a rigorous, well-researched presentation of ideas that people had come to expect from Roy. Although immediately acknowledged by people in those circles, many seemed to miss just how fundamentally different Roy’s proposition was from most of the current buzz about self-organization and open participation.

Rather than spend her…

Brian Bradley

Experimenting with Game B Network Marketing, Breaking Kayfabe, Open Participation, Team Flow…

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